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"All our Kimchi are naturally fermented with no preservatives, unpasteurised and made in UK"



Please come back to this section soon.... 

I am working on some great recipes and photos to go in this space. Most of the recipes can be adapted for the meat/fish lovers and also the Vegetarian/vegan lovers too. We really try to push the boundaries so you can see that Kimchi is very versatile and can be eaten with literally everything!

  • Kimchi soup

  • Hearty Korean army stew

  • Spam onigiri

  • Meatloaf bap with kimchi

  • Eomuk fish balls

  • Hotdogs with various toppings (sauerkraut/kimchi)

  • Quick kimchi stir-fry

  • Kimchi relish with cheese boards

  • Zesty kimchi bloody mary (definitely a wake me up)

  • Kimchi scrambled eggs 

  • Kimchi Omelette

  • Whip Kimchi Into deviled eggs

  • Kimchi In Tacos

  • Stir fried rice with kimchi

  • Quesadilla with kimchi relish

  • Kimchi On Pizza

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