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​"All our Kimchi's are lovingly home made with dedication. Packed with all the freshest ingredients and creating a super tasty product that you can smile and share with all your friends and family"


  • LoveFoodEvents GREAT MISSENDEN - March 29-01 April

  • FarmersMarket CHICHESTER - April 19

  • FarmersMarket CHICHESTER - May 03

  • Quintessential NONSUCH SURREY - May 5-6

  • BBC Spring HAMPTON COURT - May 17-19

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival CHRISTCHURCH - May 18-19

  • BlenheimPalace OXFORDSHIRE May 25-27

  • Cheese&Chilli WINCHESTER - June 2-3

  • Cheese&Chilli HIGHCLIFFE - June 8-9

  • BBCGoodFood NEC BIRMINGHAM - June 13-16

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival CHICHESTER - June 22-23

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival SWINDON - July 06-07

  • GreatYorkshireShow YORKSHIRE - July 09-12

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival GUILDFORD - July 20-21

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival WEYMOUTH - July 27-28

  • Dorset Chilli STURMINSTER NEWTON - August 3-4

  • Gillingham&Shaftesbury DORSET - August 14-15

  • Cheese&Chilli Festival NEW FOREST - August 17-18

  • LoveFoodEvents GREAT MISSENDEN - August 24-26

  • WaddesdonManor WADDESDON - August 30-01 September



Kimchi has Vitamin A, B, C, it also contains Healthy Bacteria ‘Lactobacillus’’ that can help digestion and gut health, this will support and benefit a good immune system.


Lactobacillus is a reoccurring goodness that more and more people that are starting to understand today. You will find this in many fermented foods, including some yogurt drinks, black garlic and fermented tofu.


We only use the freshest ingredients and these are all sourced by reputable farms.​​


Our Kimchi are all naturally fermented for a minimum of 12 weeks so it increases maximum health benefits and tastiness. Creating a balance between the tanginess and deep flavours of the cabbage fermented.

First day of production it is stored at room temperature of 23 degrees, after 24 hours it is moved to a temperature controlled room of 16-18.5 degrees and left to ferment for a minimal of 28 days to develop flavour, intensity and of course the Lactobacillus which is the probiotic goodness for gut health. Once the Kimchi is ready it can be stored in the fridge which it will further develop in taste but at a much slower rate.

Because Kimchi relies on an important balance of salt and a type of bacteria called lactobacilli for preservation, an ideal home for these bacterial is crucially important for the balanced Kimchi taste to develop. We measure the pH balance of all our kimchi so we know how exactly what is happening to each lovingly hand-made cabbage batch is doing.

The taste of the Kimchi we always aim to achieve is Kimchi with a thickened, tangy brine, a balance of mellow cheesy notes, a touch of fizz, crunchiness of the cabbage, and a well-rounded moorish flavour.



Things that aren't present in our traditional and naturally fermented Kimchi, these may disturb the natural fermentation process and change the natural taste of Kimchi. 

  •     Vinegar

  •     Soy Bean Paste/Miso

  •     Gochujang – Chilli Pepper Paste

  •     Alcohol



  • 100g of Kimchi is 34 calories so it is perfect if you are watching your weight. 

  • Kimchi has many myths attached to it about the origins, however it has been proven that it is an indigenous Korean product that dates back 1000's of years.

  • There are 100's of different types of Kimchi's, thats pretty exciting... it means you get to sample more!

  • Any Kimchi's made outside of the UK and imported to the UK are pasteurised which you immediately lose up to 70% of the goodness. This goes for Sauerkraut and other fermented foods. 



Our Kimchi and other products are all freshly fermented, the bacteria that are created for all its gut goodness is ALIVE which is why it is unpasteurised and high in probiotic. In order for the good bacteria to ferment it cannot be vacuumed sealed or heat sealed,  a small air gap is left at the top. If a LIVE product like Kimchi is sealed in the jar it will create so much gas and likely explode and/or go off. Just like beer when you shake it. 

It is a normal process to see bubbles and hear a fizzing noise, the Kimchi will continue to ferment in its own environment. The bubbles and liquid is completely normal and I can assure you it is safe to eat. If the kimchi is off, it will be very obvious as there will be a lot of mould.


Each jar is lovingly hand jarred and packed and we always ensure there is no fault with them before sending them out for you to enjoy.

Unpasteurised Kimchi is a live product. Like yogurt, meat, cheese, ice-cream, beer. We understand it can be alarming if you see or hear strange things happening with your Kimchi , hopefully our explanation and extra information about fermentation will allow you to understand its not dangerous and that its a LIVE product.


Most of the regular supermarket and restaurant served Kimchi's are pasteurised. We would recommend ordering our product with tracked and fast delivery service so you are ensured to receive it faster.


Please also make sure you are available to collect your order when it is delivered. We cannot be responsible for orders that have re-delivery attempts or uncollected, we will always wrap and present your order in the best way to maintain it from being spoilt or broken.

It's best that once you receive your package, please put in the fridge immediately and treat it as a fresh product. Just put the jars in the fridge when you are not eating them. If the temperature is high it will start fermenting again hence you see the bubbles and liquid. 


When you taste the kimchi you will notice the crunchy, zingy, slight heat it has... The finishing will be a umami lingering taste ( as we use authentic Korean recipes only). This is the lactobacillus probiotic you will notice. Some of the ones from restaurants and supermarkets will not have that depth in flavour as they use sugar or vinegar to speed up the process.

All my Kimchi are made in an environment under the health and safety regulations required with the required public liability insurance. We would not sell Kimchi that is unsafe to consume. 


We make ours by keeping in a room temperature of 21-24 degrees for the first 72hours then reducing it to 16-19 degrees for 16-24 weeks then refrigerated. Even when refrigerated it will continue to ferment but at a slower rate. We ferment the kimchi between 16-19 degrees because it is the optimum environment for creating good bacterias Lactobacillus probiotic.


This is what gives our Kimchi the depth in flavour without the bitterness. There are many different ways to calculate the temperature, we have done ours by a series of lab and home testing to see what would be the best in taste and also health benefits. Some people keep their kimchi for 12months before eating it... But it's all down to taste really. 

You should try adding it as a relish to burgers, hot dogs, white kimchi with cheese platters, fried rice, miso soup etc... Or on its own. 


Kimchi With Everything!

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