Why eat one kimchi when you can eat them all! 3 jar selection comprising of Intense, Mellow and No-Spice (Baek) kimchi. Go on spoil yourself..you deserve it! Find your true love! Find the one!A London based ecological company - Producing high quality, probiotic and non pasteurised food. Tasty and healthy choices. 320g UK Made Kimchi Based on Authentic Korean Recipe (Natural Fermentation). Condition is New. Completely unpasteurised and manufactured in the London UK, all the good probiotic bacterias that are beneficial for a healthy gut. Kimchi - Mellow flavour (mild) + Intense Flavour (strong) + No Spice Flavour (Baek)3x Jar 320g - each 320g 
Mixture of all three so you can try out which one you like the most Kimchi - Mellow flavour (mild)Suitable for VEGETARIANS and VEGANS / Does NOT contain NUTSIngredients: Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Garlic, Pear, Green Scallion, Salt, Hot Pepper (Gochugaru) Kimchi - Intense Flavour (strong)NOT Suitable for VEGETARIANS and VEGANS / May contain contain traces nuts

Ingredients: Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Fish, Shrimp, Garlic, Carrot, Green Scallion, Sugar, Salt, Rice Flour, Ginger, Water, Hot Pepper (Gochugaru) Kimchi - No Spice Flavour (Baek)Suitable for VEGETARIANS and VEGANS / Does NOT contain NUTS
Ingredients: Cabbage, Daikon Radis, Garlic, Pear, Carrot, Green Scallion, Salt, Goji Berries, Onions, Ginger, Red Pepper

Kimchi 3x Jar Mix - Mellow/Intense/No-Spice


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