If you enjoy eating Kimchi on a daily basis, why not get a larger amount to enjoy all the time and not worry too much about running out.... your daily probiotic boost!! We ferment our Kimchi's for a min 2-3 months to  maximise the depth of flavour but also to allow it to have the best probiotic goodness.

This comes in a sealed food grade zip lock bag that you can keep in or separate into your own containers that you can store in your fridge. The bag is also be recycled and is environmentally friendly ethical plastic.

You can choose between the 3 types of Kimchi's that we have available, please choose from the drop down menu:

- Quite Hot (Intense) - 2* Great Taste Award
- Not So Hot (Mellow) vegan friendly
- Not Hot (No Spice) vegan friendly

2kg net kimchi weight per bag

2kg Kimchi (Large Amount)

Which flavour of Kimchi